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Are heart palpitations normal?

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I don't remember when it started but laying on either side caused my heart to skip. Now that I'm farther along it's only getting worse. I haven't talked to my doctor yet, because I assumed it was some normal weird pregnancy thing, but now when I bend down my heart skips more then just once and sometimes it lasts longer then just a second. It's terrifying because it literally feels like your heart is slowly stopping. I've asked around to find out if it's happened to anyone else, and so far the only people it's happened to are pregnant girls 19 and younger. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I mean it's impossible to sleep on anything but your side when your 7 months pregnant.

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Hi Jenny,I have also been having these and haven't talked to my doctor either.  Before I was pregnant, I might notice one per month.  I'm 21 weeks (26 years old) and notice them much more often now and laying on my side does seem to trigger them.  Although I'm not much help, I absolutely know how you feel and it is frightening.  You are not alone - *hugs*!
Well the good news is that my aunt had them as well and she's had three kids and still has them sometimes but she made it through without anything serious happening. I'm thinking it has something to do with having to push your blood through the baby and your body has to do it in a short amount of time so your arteries have spasms. That's what someone suggested and it makes sense, but it's still scary because you never know if it's serious or just something you have to deal with until you have the baby. :( Atleast it'll be worth it!
Aloha, I am 30 years old 18 weeks pregnant and I am also experiencing heart palpitations.  I agree its a very strange feeling.  

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