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Are my ribs supposed to hurt?

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What kind of hurt is it?  In the third and sometimes the second trimester the baby will decide to spend a lot of time up near your ribs.  A few times I have had the baby get right in my ribcabe for a few.  That hurts.  But if it is a constant hurt and the baby isn't near your ribs then I would call my doctor.  It could be a lung infection or something could have cracked or broken a rib.  But unless it is the baby in there I would call my ob doctors office and see what they say.  If it is a really bad hurt then go to the hospital to the regular ER, because there may be something wrong with your ribs.
I agree with katteberry--it depends on what kind of hurt it is.  For the last 6 weeks or so of my first pregnancy I had the worst burning pain up under my ribs constantly and I just thought it was the baby crowding my ribs all day.  I had never had heartburn before so I didn't know that is what it was!  lol!  I always thought that heartburn was supposed to be further up your throat and never even considered that might be what it was.  I'm not sure if this helps at all, but if your pain sounds anything like mine you could try a tums or something like that just to see if it helps at all!  Good Luck!
If you're in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, yes.  The reason being, that baby is growing, which is literally pushing and shoving all your other organs around inside of you, especially your lungs [which is why it could be harder for you to breathe all the sudden].  3rd trimester is by far the worst- standing up becomes the best position to be in for that reason.  Don't worry- as soon as that baby comes out, that will all go away.  Your belly will still look about 5 months pregnant, but it'll be jiggly for a couple weeks... but it'll feel really good to breathe again!
My goodness yes!  I feel like my little man is in there just pulling mine apart.  I feel his little feet tapping away at them almost every few minutes.  You are getting crowded out.  Try not to worry.  I have also found that when he's in a position that makes me really uncomfortable while sitting for example if i gently rub on that spot or change my position from say sitting to standing i can usually get him to move a little at least to give myself some relief.  It's also a cool moment to bond with your little bundle... even if he/she is a pain in the ribs! :)
I am a small petite person and I am at 31 wks and my ribs are already starting to ache a little. And it is worse if I slouch. I seriously felt like my ribs were gonna break towards the end of my first pregnancy.
My ribs hurt soooo bad!! I am also a small petite person and right now I'm at 28 weeks. Last month the doctor said it was just because I'm small. I go to the doctor again this week and I'm going to mention how bad it is and I'll see what he recommends

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