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Are there any good double strollers for an infant and 3 yr old?

3 answers
I was thinking about buying a double stroller because I have a 3 yr old and I'm pregnant with my second child. However my 3yr. old is 33lbs,39in. and I'm not too sure if that's too big for a double stroller. My husband thinks that I don't need the double stroller but I do because our daughter has a disability and her legs get weak easily and if I am by myself I will not be able to hold her and push the new baby in a stroller at the same time. So I think that it will be very useful the other thing that we are looking at is the fact that we don't want it to be too bulky does any one have any ideas?

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I bought the baby trend Sit N Stand plus and I love it. Come with two seats for the stroller and both are removable to turn the stroller into a sit to stand instead of a double stroller. Also comes with infant seat that latches on. I got mine at It is pricey but very much worth it.
Have you considered putting the new baby in a sling or wrap? That may be more convient. I carried my second daughter in a sling until she was almost 2. It was a lot easier to get my older daughter from school -without- the stroller (because of the stairs).Good luck in your search :)
I found this useful site has a huge collection of strollers from all the manufacures..hope this helps.

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