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Are there any tricks to forgetting that ur trying to get pregnant?

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My husband & I are trying to get pregnant but so far that we know of, no luck :( Everyone keeps telling us to forget that we are trying & to just relax but that's easier said then done!

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Thats a very tough thing to do. I completley understand :)The best I can tell you is just enjoy yourself (it IS sex after all!) and maybe do things to keep yourself healthy (which is always good,especially if youre trying to get pregnant) maybe try taking a yoga class,or something fun like that? also enjoying the time you and your husband have together right now,because once you do get pregnant, that time alone will be gone.I wish you all the luck in the world!
My husband and I decided to try for our 3rd baby in hopes we would have a girl.  Since we have two boys already I thought it would be a breeze to get pregnant again.  I weas WAY wrong!!! After 8 months of trying to get pregnant my period ended up being very irregular and I was so frustrated with all of it that I would get so worked up thinking "What if's".  I finally couldn't take the stress of it anymore and decided I didn't care to try eventually if it was ment to be it would happen. I started thinking of al the good reasons that I wasn't pregnant yet.   In March I went to the doctors because I had a sinus infection and I thought my prescription was making me sick...come to find out I was pregnant.  I have no idea why it took so long.  My point is that sometimes it is so easy to get pregnant and other times even after having kids it can be very difficult to get pregnant.  Hang in there and enjoy the sex while you can...once your pregnant it can be hard to feel sexy! ;)
It is probably going to be impossible to forget you want to be pregnant. Instead try focusing on something else. Try different things in the bedroom and think about how fun they are instead of if they are working. Your best bet would probably be just redirecting your focus. I hope you get your psoitive results soon! Good luck :)

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