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are vaginal fluids normal?

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Yes it is normal. I am heving my third child and it happened with 2 of them. No worries it does go away!
It is normal I am going through the same thing and I am pregnant with my second.  It's really nasty but I've looked into plenty of books and they all say that it is normal.  If you're really worried though ask your Dr.
Oh yes!  it's a feling like you're always wet down there?  This si my 5th baby & my last was just 1yr yesderday.  It really bothered me with him.  I would seriously cahnge my underwear about 3 times aday.  This time I've noticed it, but not as bad as the last.  I found thin panty liners helpfull & after going to the bathroom, i would use those wet whipes.  Don't get worried unless it gets thick & white, and ahs an odor to it.  Then you need to call the Dr.  You might have a yeast infection or other bacterial infection.  This is completly normal, just uncomfortable.

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