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are water births more expensive?

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Does it cost more money to have a water birth?

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If you want to do it in the hospital, probably. If you are up for doing it at home then just that factor alone will make it way less than the hospital bills.  I wanted a water birth with my first baby, but the hosipital only had a regular sized bathtub and when I wanted to take a warm bath to help me relax they ran out of hot water when it was only a few inches deep. I know some hospitals have special birthing centers which include special pools for birthing, but those are going to cost you more for sure. However, I just had my second baby at the end of last year and as the due date approached my hubby and I started considering the possibility of doing the birth at home. I was going to do it naturally anyway, and I don't really like hospitals. Plus we hadn't been able to buy a new carseat yet due to unsteady work flow during 2009. So yeah, there were a lot of factors.My onl;y real concern was that my hubby would be making me meals after the birth and he's not much of a cook. So we made a deal. Since I wanted good food after having a baby we agreed we could put a certain amount toward resturant takeout while I recovered. It worked out great since we saved so much money anyway.I found this awesome midwife who was local to me through one of my friends and she came to my house, provided a nice big round blow up pool and everything. It was all included in the birthing package and the total birthing experience cost us $1600 flat. No surprise hospital fees! This didn't include any prenatal visits though, since I'd been going to some IHC Nurse midwives previous to finding this lady. It was an awesome experience though. The warm water was such a relief to step into, and it was so clean! The midwife took care of emptying the pool and cleaning up and everything post birthing so my hubby and I could rest and relax and take care of our little one. I highly reccomend home water births!

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