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are yeast infections common during pregnancy?

5 answers
This is my third yeast infection during my pregnancy, can they be harmful to my unborn baby???

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yes, they are normal, I had never had one before I had gotten pregnant with either of my children and got them all the time during both pregnancies. My dr always gives me an antibiotic or something to help clear it up and I think that as long as you take care of it then it doesnt hurt the baby at all =) good luck!
yes its common, i had a bacterial infecton and the gave me anitbiotics and it went MADDISON said as long as u take the meds it shouldnt be harmfull
Eating yogurt will help with keeping yeast infections away.
I too have a yeast infection, but I haven't treated mine yet for the fact that I am in my 1st trimester. Although a cream was prescribed, all of these creams say that it is not safe to take during the 1st trimester.  My Doctor says that it is fine to take.  I started taking probiotics and eating a lot of greek yogurt. I was going to wait a week and then take the prescription.  
Candida or Yeast infections are more prevalent during carrying a child compared to some other period in the female's life, particularly throughout the following trimester with being pregnant. Anyone might be realizing a raise within the number of tiny, white, uneven smelling release. This really is frequent and also a natural indication within the following trimester. Candidiasis Treatment

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