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Are you finding out the sex?

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We want to be surprised. But I've known couples who really wanted to know so they could buy the right color clothing and decorate the nursery just right.
We plan to find out the sex!  I'm far too impatient to wait until they are born to find out.  Plus, like the previous poster said, I'll want to shop and buy things in the right color versus neutral colors.
We didn't find out with our first and this time we were debating, but when it came to the u/s the litte bugger was sitting on its foot so we couldn't.  I'm happy with not knowing, cuz I think I'l buy too much if I did and we still have everything from the first (a boy) so much of it will be usable even if its a girl.
No I am 14 and my mom and me want to but we actually want it to be a surprise!
My husband and I have found out both previous times and we're going to find out this time. I like to know not just so we can buy the right things but also because it's nice to call the baby by name when you talk to it. I think it make you connect more, but that's just my experience
We've chosen not to find out - there are so few surprises in life. Plus I can really do without all the pink / blue stuff that people give. We already have a 4 year old son so we would like to keep the house as neutral as possible anyway - greens, yellows and earth tones are just fine. 
yes i like to be prepared with the nesting situation because its real you go through the stage and be prepared with everything
We didn't find out with our first one and it was such a nice surprise.  I am a planner and was so tempted to find out this time, but we have plenty of things from our daughter that we can use even if it's a boy.  I'm 42 and feel so blessed with this pregnancy that it really doesn't matter.  The most important thing is that I know the baby is healthy and my pregnancy is going well.  I never new how wonderful the word NORMAL could be...
yes i found out weds im having a boy


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