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ASD....Atrial Septal Defect

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i had asd when i was born and they closed the hole when i was about 4...can my baby have asd also? i didnt have a big hole it was a medium sized one and i havnt had problem with it since they fixed iit but they still tell me to be careful nonne the less so is there any test they can do to check and see if my baby will have it?

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All babies are born with a small hole in their heart, as this is how the heart pumps blood in the womb.  When you find a pediatrician, I would mention it and see if they can do an echo on your baby to see if the hole has closed.  I have a PFO and I think I read somewhere that it can take up to 18 months for the hole in an infant's heart to completely close.I am sure everything will be fine, but I am also going to have my little one checked after he/she arrives to make sure the hole closes all the way.Good luck!
If your baby had a hole that was abnormally large, it would show on an ultrasound. If you are concerned, you can have it checked after, but again, it normally shows up during a routine exam if it is a problem. The hole would also cause "failure to thrive", and they would be doing more tests anyways. It is genetic, but that doesn't mean your baby will have a problem, just that there is an increased chance. If you have an u/s later in pregnancy, you can ask that the heart it checked extra careful, but again, if the hole it large enough to cause serious problems, you can see it. Hope that helps some! (Oh, and just like you, most people who have ASD who are treated as children have perfectly healthy and normal lives. My hubby's cousin is a firefighter, and had the same thing).

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