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Baby bump on one side?

5 answers
I am almost seven weeks pregnant and have noticed a bump on one side of my belly. Is this a baby bump? And, if so, is it normal to have a baby bump on one side at almost seven weeks? This is my first pregnancy and my doctor won't see me until I am at least 10 weeks. I just want to make sure everything is okay.

answers (5)

Its too early to have a baby bump yet. Right now your baby is still only about the size of a peanut shell roughly. And if I were you I would find a different dr. The earlier you start getting prenatal care the better its not right that your dr won't see you for another three weeks.
If you have a concern you need to make your dr see you.  I had a concern with my second pregnancy (in the 2nd trimester now) and you better believe that they knew who I was before my 10 week visit.  The nurses are following protocol but you need to push them to make the appt.  It could be nothing but you'll wish you pushed if it is something that can be diagnosed now.
i would simply call and state that u have an unusual bump on once side in your lower abdomin and that you need a visit before your scheduled visit or go to an urgent care
I called the OB/GYN and she still refuses to see me and referred me to my general doctor.  I got in to my general doctor yesterday and have an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow to rule out a cyst or hernia.Thanks for the help, ladies!
I hope evrythings ok.. seems like ur ob is not very bright. I had my first prental visit at 5 weeks with no argument.

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