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is baby coming early or is the how it's meant to feel?

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i've been getting serious cramps for a couple hours now. they are like contractions at a pretty regular pace of every 9 minutes. it happened yesterday as well but they were 12 minutes apart. i'm only 34 weeks and afraid i might be going into labor early. this is my first child. not sure if it's normal to feel this way already or is it too early for that? we live really closeby the hospital so i feel like i should just wait a bit and see if the contractions do speed up before going in. any thoughts or suggestions?

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Call your doctor and go in. Even if its braxton hicks its a good thing to get checked.
I had random contractions before.  My doctor told me to lie on my side and drink water.  If they are just Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions) they will be irregular and eventually go away.  Real contractions will keep coming, and get closer together.  When contractions are five minutes apart and regular, you need to head to the hospital.
call your dr!! I had early labor at 35 weeks with our daughter and after calling the dr he had us go into the hospital and then they confirmed that they were real contractions not braxton hicks and were able to stop the labor.. you dont want to have the baby too early and as long as you go in they can try to help you =)
Yes, they are more than likely Braxton Hicks. Like previous poster said, with real contractions they will become more regular, closer together or more extreme in the way they feel.The best thing to do is to eat and hydrate which is a very common cause of contractions or contraction like feelings.

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