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Baby Gear?

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What baby gear should be bought used and which should be bought new??

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From what I have read, cribs and car seats should be bought new, and everything else you are comfortable with can be used. Well, except maybe a breast pump :).Happy shopping!
I agree with avitoria. I haven't heard of anything else not being safe if you buy them used. Good luck and have fun! :)
it depends if your getting the stuff used from family members then everything but binkys and bottles but if your buying it from a yard sale or trift store then cribs,carseats ,breast pumps,binkys,and bottles, new and everything els its ok to buy used
We bought our crib used with our first; the crib, the mattress, the walker and a bouncy seat were all used.  We were so broke and sometimes you have do to what you have to do.  We did research on the crib, made sure there weren't any recalls on it and the mattress.  Made sure there weren't any defects, holes or weaknesses in any of the stuff and it was all fine.  With our second we were more stable and bought him a new crib, but as long as you check for recalls you should be fine with used.  the cribs with the drop down sides seem to have more recalls that appear, those are the ones we avoid buying.  Car seats I would avoid buying used if you can.  Those you don't know if they've been in an accident and they are only good for so many years before the materials are weakened from use. 
were using a used walker, bath tub and swing and diaper genie..only a yr old from my crib and chnging table though..i think what ever ur comfortable using old then go for it.. i would rather have something fairly used than have ppl spend alot of money on me..but i would deff get a new carseat and stroller

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