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Baby hiccups

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I've been reading on how some women feel when their baby has the hiccups. I don't think I've experience that, or I don't know what it should feel like. How am I to feel when my baby has the hiccups? I am 28 weeks so should I be worried if I don't feel the hiccups?

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I dont know the right answer for this, but for me, (and I JUST figured out what they were a few weeks ago,and im 32 weeks along) they are just continuous little kicks (thats what they feel like to me.) they happen repeatedly for a few minutes at a time,and they all feel the same. unlike when my baby actually kicks...the kicking is always more crazy feeling and doesnt stay in just one spot for a long amount of time... I hope that helps..
if thats what they feel like then ive felt it to lol... but def dont think you should be worried! as long as you feel the baby move
I don't think you should be worried.  Really, I've been pregnant twice before and I can't recall ever even thinking about the baby having hiccups.  I think the bigger worry would be if you didn't feel kicks or movements at all, but trying to decipher hiccups I wouldn't stress over it at all.  Any maybe your little one doesn't have the hiccups.  I think since my boys have been born they've probably only gotten them a few times in life.  :)
Im about 34 weeks as well and my lil girl seems to get hiccups all the time!! The worst was when she got down really low and i could feel them down in my cervix and her foot was up in my rib cage doin a lil tap dance!! Its normal for you to have them and it feels kinda like a heart beat its so constint. At fisrt i thought i liked the feeling until i went throu that while at work so dont feel bad if you dont go throu them.
Abbbbbsolute most important thing is DO NOT WORRY! I had this all the time. It just feels like little bumps - small kicks. They help your baby prepare for breathing once they're born. I had a mini freak out the first time I felt them but trust me from someone with looooots of experience - not an issue ^_^
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