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*Baby movement*

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I'm 16 wks and 3 days and i feels like little movements but i'm not really sure if it's the baby cause is my first, but i feel it sometime sduring the day and then i don't feel it, like if i sneeze i feel it, and when i'm sitting down i feel it sometimes also, but they say that girls take longer time to feel them move than boys do, so i don't know if i'm really feeleing my baby or not...

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ok I dont know if it takes longer to feel girls then boys.. I know your first baby you normally dont feel until later on in the pregnancy.. I felt our son this time around that early but our daughter I didnt because she was my first.. it feels kinda like flutters thats the best way tht I can describe the movements.. but its possible that you are feeling the baby move in my opinion
yeah thats what i feel like flutters, so yeap i'm feeling my baby...yayyy.
You're probably not feeling the baby move as much as you think because when you're moving around, you don't notice the baby move as much like you do when you're lying down.  I'm 20wks pregnant with my 5th baby & I have all boys & this one's a booy also.  I didn't feel this one move until around 17wks.  I've also been busy taking care of my 1yr old, so I've been really busy.  One way I would descibe fetal movement is it kinda feels like muscle spasms at first.  I'm sure your baby is moving more than you know, soon you'll feel movement all the time.
I am prego with my first, a girl, and i know i felt the flutters in my second trimester. Its not so much the sex it just depends on your little one. Just wait until you get into the second trimester then you will really be able to feel her.  They say girls are not as active as boys but i have had the most active little girl so who knows!! Its exciting!! Have fun!
Hehehe yeah that's exactly what i feel girls, and on the ultrasound she was kicking and moving so much... so i think i will start feeling more next week with 17 wks :)!
hey.. im 18 weeks and stil havent felt any movement.. i thought i did a few times like maybe whn i was 15 - 16 weeks or so.. but im not sure..Im not feeling any movement these days tho, So Im hoping i begin to feel something Soon... because i know he is sooo active in there, i jus dnt feel anything.. BUMMER! ;-(
I felt my little one move for the first time at 18 weeks and it was this tiny little feeling and I only felt it once or twice for the first week but then my 19 weeks I would feel it a couple more times during the day and before you know it, your baby will be moving like mad in there! It's the best!
i have a 8 month old little girl and i felt her move at 16 weeks and im pregnant again with another girl and i felt her move for the first time at 17 weeks so i think it just depends on how active your baby is

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