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baby movement?

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I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our first (second if you count last years micarriage). Is it normal to have intermittent baby movement? It doesnt move all the time, but I think it's just on a different schedule than I am. The baby is always kicking and moving around just before I go to sleep and when I am sleeping. But usually half way through the day I only get tiny movements right after I eat lunch. Is this normal? I'm just concerned.

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Yes, its very normal. The baby is moving but you don't tend to feel him (or pay much attention) if you are busy at work, walking, etc...also, when you move, you are rocking your baby. I was concerned too but its normal.Also, the bigger your baby gets, the more you will feel his/her kicks throughout the day. I am currently 24 weeks and I can can feel my baby kick and move more now than I did 2 or 3 weeks ago. Congrats!
I m 27 weeks and still feel the same movements you are.  I feel stronger movements but not so much during the day mine are mostly at night. It's normal, you'll start feeling more the further along you get.
Thanks. I just wasn't sure if I was the only one. The baby definitely moves around, just at weird times of the day. It kicks and moves all the time when I'm around my husband. Because he and I have conflicting work schedules we don't get to see eachother as much as we'd like to. But whenever I'm near him I swear this baby kicks and punches the crap out of me. Lol.
Yup it's normal.  As you get further along like 32 weeks, that's about when you need to pay attention and do kick counts if you feel interminent movements.  I love to feel the baby move and kicks and right now (19 weeks) I don't feel much either.  They started sooner since it's my 3rd, but it's still every now and then.  Can't wait for it to really kick up a storm!  :)  do you know what you are having yet?
We don't know yet, but I actually have an appointment tomorow that will tell us. It should be interesting because my husband wants me to keep the gender a secret until his birthday and surprise him with it, which is this saturday.
Oh how fun!  Think of a creative way to tell him, but be sure to let us know first!  :)  We go on 10/01/10 at 10:00 to find out - lots of 1s and 0s in there...that's got to mean something.  lol!
He told me he wants his birthday cake to say " It's A boy" or "Its a Girl." Then I'm going to decorate the room we are going to use as the nursery with a poster and streamers and then buy the wooden letters to form the baby's name. So it should be pretty interesting. He usually does all the surprising and I don't think I've ever been able to surprise him with anything the whole 2 years we've been together.

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