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baby names

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i wanted to name my baby bella dawn if it was a girl but i dont want people to think its after that movie twilight what should i do

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do what you feel is right but again do ask the father two.
I agree with Shay, it's your child and your child's name you should do what you want.  Maybe years from now people won't associate it with the movies, but for now they will...I did when I saw the name.  Especially being paired with Dawn...Twilight...describing a period during the day.  I've always disliked my name because a ton of people in my same age all through school had my name (Melissa was very popular in 79).  Even if she's not after the movie, you still may contend with a bunch of other kids with the same name because they are after the movie. 
your right i should name my baby what i want to and if people ask me if its after twilight then ill say no
What happened to carlie medow or something like that? lol I like the name bella and not cause of twilight at all! I know a little girl and she is a beauty, out there, and just all girl with some tomboy lol.. If you like the name go for it
how much longer until you find out for sure what you are having?
i just found out yesterday
i know im probably confusing you girls with the names first it was carlie navaya then carlie meadow then i was thinking about nicole summer but im sure im naming her bella dawn
aww dawn is my aunts name.. i think bella dawn is a great name
It's hard to say without knowing your last name.  This is my favorite website to recommend.  You can use your last name to generate first and middle names that sound good or use a preferred first name and your last name to get middle names.  Same with middle names and last to get the first...anyway you get the idea.  I do love Riley though it's the name of my second son..Riley Scott.  :)Try it out - it's pretty fun (and free)
ok im picking riley as a first name but which one do you like best for a middle name ,cole,jo,bryce,wyatt,carter,


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