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baby shower???

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I am having a baby shower the 16th of october. I just got married in june, buying a house at the begining of octobe,. plus the baby on the way due in dec.. With all this happening in such a short time money is tight. What are some cheap things to get or do? like for goodie bags and games? I really dont want to spend a lot at all. Please help! =(

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you dont realy have to do goody bags and games in not really into so idk about that. But me and my mom were thinking for center pieces for the table doing like cupcakes in pots but making them lookin like flowers and making the frositng the color of whatever the sex of the baby is. Also  a good idea for maybe goody bags is you can personaloze M&M's ( you can google the website to find it) with like its a boy and make them blue and green and you can also put a picture on it... just some of my idea's maybe they will help you
Thanks a lot =)
no problem. we got the cupcake idea from one of those cake shows lol
as for the games and stuff.. we did a drawing.. we bought a couple cheap little picture frames and a gift certificate to a store locally and then put it in the invited that if you brought a package of diapers then your name would be put into the drawing for "prizes" everyone seemed to like it and the diapers really added up.. we probably spent 15 total for the prizes and got like 10 things of diapers.. just an idea =)

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