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babyshowers and rude moms

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ok, so, my mom is handing and paying for my babyshower but does that give her a right to be rude to be about it?i asked her a simple question, what is my sister in law making for the favors and she goes " you dont need to know that, it used to be a suprise to women to even have a shower" like woooaahhh is that neccesary? i just want to know what they gunna be so i could give my opinion about im so mad i dnt wanna be involved at all ill just freakin be there.. im not paying for any of it but i still wanna be a part of it ya know? am i right or is she? and please dnt say her lol

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hi there. i totally understand your frustration. i mean yeah, its nice of her to do this for you, but theres nothing wrong with asking questions about it or wanting to be involved, i would want to be involved too! i hope things work out better and you have a great time at your baby shower!! 
You are definitely right! My mom always gives my baby shower and she lets me be completely involved. I pick the food and games I want. The baby shower is supposed to be completely about you and your baby. You should be able to be involved and have a say in whatever you want to have a say in. Maybe your mom is stressed about it? Try talking to her to see why she was so rude about it and tell her you just want to help and be a part of the prep work. I hope it all gets worked out and you have a very enjoyable baby shower. Good luck! :)
You are right to feel the way you do, but some moms are still old fashioned and carry those traditions with them.  They want their little girls to be surprised by what they've come up with.  Try not to stress about it, just sit back and enjoy.  Make sure your friends get invited and try not to worry too much about the details.  Free gifts- think about it as free things that you need for your little one.  Even if the theme is something you never would have picked, these people are coming to celebrate the life you are creating - that's the most important thing.  Once the baby gets here the shower and details will seem so long ago and so trival compared to the best thing of all!  Even if they don't let you be involved in the shower planning, just try to sit back and enjoy one less thing you don't have to plan for!  :)

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