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back ache....

4 answers
i am 35 weeks and i have been having realy bad back aches and i was hoping for some advice to help relieve the pain.

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Try taking some Tylenol, doing some stretches, and sitting on the sofa with a heating pad on low. That works for me.
i never thought of a heating pad.thank you.
depending on the kind of back pain you are having consider talking to a chiropractor. With my first child I carried her in my back so it caused great pain in almost any position besides lying down, which wasnt always an option since I was working. towards the end of the pregnancy I had to go about once every two weeks or so to get adjusted..
See a chiropractor!! They relieve so much tension and pain its amazing not to mention when it comes to the babies delivery it makes it much easier to push. I go every two weeks and can say that i would'nt change a thing. It has helped me relax so many days/nights. It's like a big sigh of relief.

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