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back pain....

2 answers
im only 19 weeks pregnant and im having bad back pains and i cant go to dr till end of month and all everyone keeps telling me to take tylonel or just lay down but its not helping anymore...

answers (2)

Try wearing a maternity support during the day.  It helps lift your belly and take the pressures off your back.  I'm 22 weeks and I've had mine for about 2 weeks now and it's helped tremendously!!!!!  I find my back pain is worse when I've been on my feet all day.  If I stay at my desk it's not as bad, but if I walk alot it's much worse.  Wearing the maternity support helps; I don't know if the back support helped so much - it seemed to make mine worse, but you might like it.  Also try using a wedge when you are sleeping.  I rotate mine from my tummy to my back and lean against it when I'm sleeping - this seems to help a lot!!!  Good luck!  :)
try a hot pack..thats what i use because in the middle of the night i wake up with back pain and in the am it hurts my lower back..that usuallt helps me.. i was reading somewhere that u should not take a hot bath because over a certain degree its not good for the baby, also beng in the hot sun..try stretching too, sometimes that helps me but not all the time. hope this helps

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