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back pain 1st time this normal????

2 answers
wake up every morning with serious back pain and its not the bottom or the top its right below my shoudler blades and i am a person that HATES taking meds. what should i do? i am really out of options!!!! hot baths dont even help anymore!!!

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My back usually hurts around the shoulder blades and im 24 weeks now.. it has been since the first few weeks.  try a massage they work great!
It could be typical and it also might be an indicator that you have a kidney infection of some sort. UTI/Bladder/Kidney infections are quite common in pregnancy and also are usually asymptomatic, so you might be suffering an infection and not really know it! (I say this because I am recovering from a kidney infection as I type, and my only indicator was back pain!)This may not be what it is, it could just be your usual pregnancy aches, but if you're really worried you should get those AZO test at home strips or call your provider to go in for a urine screen and check. An untreated infection can cause all sorts of complications!

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