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Been two months late, had unprotected sex, and showing pregnancy symptoms. Took 2 HPT and blood work done, both negative. still pregnant????

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Im am showing and my stomach is hard, when I took the HPT they came out negative besides one, had fainted pink lines. Went for blood work and came back negative! Could i still be pregnant and its too early to detect it, or do you think there is something else going on!! Please HElp!!!

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Two months late! Can you think of any reason for the irregularity? Have you recently stopped using a form of birth control? Are you a healthy and normal body weight? I would go back to the doctor is this persists past 3 months. Good luck.
Some infections can cause bloating, weight gain and a firm stomache.  I didn't start showing until I was 17 weeks, which is over 3 and a half months.  If you have a regular doctor, go in and get checked for infections and tell him your concerns.  Illness can certainly cause you to miss your period. But either way you should talk to your doctor.  Anytime you miss your period for that long you should be concerned.

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