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Being Sick!!

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I've just caught a cold.. from the weather changing from hot to cold.. i've been having headaches, vomitting, sore throat, and today I've been having a really bad Ear Ache.. I've been putting a hot pad on my ear all day. I'm 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant... could this hurt the baby? Also i do have 2 cats.. but i don't change the litter, my fiance does, but my cats like to jump up and lay next to me on the bed.. can this hurt the baby? Please let me know something! Thanx! ~Amy~

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I don't believe that having a cold can hurt the baby. The problem only starts if you are unable to keep any food or liquid down because then neither you or the baby are getting the nutrients you need. My advice is to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Also, I'm almost positive that having your cats lay next to (or on top of you) will not hurt the baby. My husband and I lived with my parents when I was pregnant with our first (now 9 months old) and I always had. Cats crawling or laying all over me and my son is a perfectly healthy little boy. Hoping our second will be healthy too. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
Thank you.. So far I'm able to keep foods down.. and I'm really glad i dont have to get rid of my cats now.. :)
cats are fine just dont change the litter...the dander of animals is not the best for a sick person more specifically cats but since they are a normalcy in your home it shouldnt be an issue. and as far as being sick treat like any cold (except medicine consult ur doc for that) as long as u stay hydrated and keep something down u will be fine and no harm done to baby
Okay Thanx... My earache is almost gone.. just my headache.. but i took 2 Tylenol a few minutes ago. My cats never used to be this "clingy" to me until I got pregnant... Anyways.. thanx for the help!

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