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Belly button

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I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant and I've notice that my belly button is slowly rising. It has not yet popped out but I think it will in the coming weeks. I wanted to know how far into pregnancy you ladies had your belly button rise. Also, does anyone know depending of the sex, it pops more? (just curious)

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Mine is completly popped out and has been since almost 17 weeks! Not sure about the sex thing but I'm having a lil boy.  I have a 2 year old as well and with him my belly button didnt pop out until the end.  I think it's just different for every pregnany.  This one is SOOO different from my first.
im 18 weeks my belly button hasent popped out yet but it will soon and i just think it depends every pregnancy is differant
Yeah, I'm sure its different for everyone. I am having a lil boy but thought maybe it popped more for boys than girls or vise versa.This is my first pregnancy so I was curious to hear from you all...thanks!
this is my second pregnancy and with both my pregnancy's their girls and with both pregnancy's my belly button went way out ;)didn't really pay attention to when they popped 
This is my fourth pregnancy and my belly button hasn't popped out with any of them. I'm completely jealous though cause I think it is sooo cute! :)
with my daughter my belly button never did pop out.. and so far with this pregnanncy, we are 26 weeks with a son it hasnt yet.. although I really think that it will before we get to the end.. and I am hoping that it does.. I always thought it was cute and never had it happen before lol

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