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Birth Control After Pregnancy?

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ok, I'm 26 weeks pregnant. I found out I was pregnant 2 days before my 17th birthday. I was on the pill, but was awful about remembering to take my pill EVERYday. Does anyone have any suggestions about a good form of birth control for after I have my lil girl? I love her to death already, but really don't want to have any lil brothers or sisters for her for a couple years. I'm not sure when a good time to talk to the doctor about it and was just looking for some advice. I've thought about Mirena, but I'm terrified it will implant and I won't be able to have anymore kids. Any advice is welcome!

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The pill is the best, I had a friend who got prego on the shot and the mirena.  I am not sure of any other good form of birth control.   I was the same way you are I was not always good at taking my pill, baby 3 here we come.  But after this my tubes are getting tied.  Sorry I can not be any more help, but your Dr can help you with the best form of birth control.
I know a couple friend that hated the mirena and then a couple friends that love it.  I feel the same way that you do about not wanting to get the mirena bc the thought of something stuck inside of me for yrs is scary!  A friend of mine did the shot for a  couple yrs and when she decided to have a baby it took 2 yrs to get her period back in a regular cycle and then another yr before she got pregnant. So with the shot I would just warn you that if you plan to have another baby someday it might take longer than you want to get pregnant.  I like the pill and the way that I remember it it is by keeping m,y pack next to my toothbrush so I remember it every night.  Then i kept condoms in the night stand just in case we needed back up. Say I forgot a pill or forgot to get a new pack on time.  Your dr can help you find the right birth control...there are so many out there now!
I have friends who use the NuvaRing and they really like it.  It's nice because you just have to remember to put it in a take it out. That's twice in a month rather than everyday.  It's still pretty new so i don't know if it has given people complications.  But once you decide you want to stop using it, you stop putting in the ring.  I've never used it myself, but it sounds pretty easy.
I wouldnt recommend the shot, because it's not for long term use and can do some damage( I'm in a similar situation as you, i got pregnant when i was 15, used the shot til i was 20, stopped using it and it took me almost 3years to get pregnant again, now i just had my mirena removed( it is a little uncomfortable to have it placed and removed) and we are trying to get pregnant again, I am now 29 and a stay at home mommy! I would really go for the mirena it's a little spendy but works so good, and theres no hormones! so if you want to breastfeed your good there!

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