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Bleeding at 11 weeks

3 answers
I am currently 11 weeks and i have been bleeding the whole 11 weeks? I had one miscarriage already. I have no cramps but just bleeding. Has anyone ever had this? Should i be worried. I go to the doctors weekly and all they say is the cervix is closed. Someone please help me

answers (3)

I have been bleeding too for a month now and i am 11 weeks. The last time i went to see the doctor they said the baby is ok but because of my heart shape uterus one side is bleeding and the other side where the baby is growing is alright. I am going to see the doctor in 3 days and yesterday was bleeding heavy and passed clots.
I had the same a bit ago. I had heavy bleed with clots. I go back to the doctors tomorrow. Talk about scary though.Its glad to know im not the only one going thru this. Keep me updated on how your appt goes
just tell the docter see what they say good luck hope the baby is ok

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