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bleeding while having sex

3 answers
i'm 38 weeks pregant and while having sex there was alot of blood is someyhing wrong?

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This happened to me as well, I am 23 weeks now.. I was only in my first trimester when it happened, I was very nervous! My dr said it was normal.. but idk about being that far along and bleeding. I would just ask your dr.
I am 25 weeks pregnant with my third child and the other day I bleed and had horrible cramps after sex.  I was so nervous because this had never happened to me in any of my other pregnancy's.  I called the doctor and they explained that sometimes the insides are so fragile right now that when they get banged up (their words not mine) they bleed a little bit. In a couple days I could even lose some old blood as well.  Your also at the end of your pregnancy and you might have lost your mucus plug after having sex! In that case keep having sex to induce labor! ;)
Your cervix is very vascular (lots of blood vessels) and maybe he's hitting it when you're doing the deed and making you bleed.

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