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Boy or girl?

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I am still on my first trim. At what week I can find out if I am having boy or girl?

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Usually around week 20, give or take a few weeks depending on how comfy your doctor is telling you and the baby's position.
normally around your 5 month
I have heard old wives tales that girls are usually carried lower than boys and sometimes there heart rate can be faster than boys or that while carring a girl you get more achne and i know while carrying my daughter i broke out everywhere.. I think it has something to do with extra female hormones.. other than that there is no REAL difference in carrying boys or girls.. just old wives tales..  Good Luck! :)
i used the chinese calender thingy lol and it worked!! ive tried all the little quizez and they also came to tell me it was a girl...  it said i was having a girl and i am.. idk but my stomachs high and for my son i carried low! goodluck i hope you get your baby giirl!
your welcome! i hope you get your giirl!:)im also having a csection again... could you tell me if they open up the same cut or idk i am curious and i havent asked my doc yet?
Has anyone heard of that gender test you can buy at the drug store or order online?  It's called intelligender?  With my last pregnancy I used it& it said I was having a boy, it was right.  I've bought 3 with this pregnancy.  I took 1 at 11wks, & 1 yesderday , & 1 this morning....They all said boy, I am really disapionted because I already have 4 boys & all I've ever wnted was a girl.  I read their testimonials on their web site & most of the people that responded said the test was correct, there where few false results.  I'm just gonna assume for now it's another boy.  I said I didn't want to have any more babies after this one because I have to have c-sections and with everyone, it gets more complicated.  I think if this baby turns out to be another boy, I will wanna try again.  I know of books that tell you ways to have a girl, such as diet & timming.  This pregnancy wasn't planned, it was a total surprise.  To Cristal 4582 yes they usually do go through the same incision.  They've done it to me 4 times.  Good luck with your little girl!  I will let you know after my ultrasound on the 16th.
between 16-22wks, depending on the Dr.  This is my 5th baby & for the last 2 I used the same Dr. but with my last baby, i thought that he was too busy & since I've had all c-sections & high risk pregnanies, I wanted an OB that had the time to deal with my history.  The last 2 pregancies I found out between 16wks and 17wks.  This time I won't find out till 19 wks.  Only 5 days away.  I already have 4 boys & i'm praying that this is a girl, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  I don't wanna be disapionted.  I know to some people that sounds selfish, i should be glad I'm able to be blessed with healthy babies, but after 4 boys, I can't help to wish for a girl, since i've always wanted one.
You can try to predict your baby gender with chinese birth gender chart ( Also this tool can help youto plan baby gender before the conception but if you are already pregnant... Just wishing you to have a girl :)
You can try to get know this with chinese birth chart at any time but ultrasound will tell you th egender of your baby on 16th week approximately.

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