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Breast grew a whole cup size...only 10 weeks??

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I am only 10 weeks and my cups size has already changed a whole size. I didn't start off very big so maybe thats why its weird to me. I mean I am only that far along, how much more are they going to grew, geez. Is it normal for that to be growing so fast.

answers (3)

im 24 weeks and need a new bra again! I grew within the first few weeks as well...
yes it is normal that they grow alot.. Before getting pregnant I started out in a D cup and went up to an E by the time I had my daughter and now we are expecting again and they never went away before.. so you can only imagine how shocked I was when they started growing again.. Not sure how big you are talking but the bigger they get you definitly need a good supporting bra... good luck hun =)
It's very normal with my first pregnancy mine grew 3 full cup sizes! I was shocked especially since i was only only 16 but after a few month of breastfeeding they went back down to normal. Now i'm pregnant with number 2 and i'm only 5 weeks along and they've already been growing alot! It's nothing to worry about if anything enjoy while you can cause it goes away and then you'll be a little upset atg least i was which was pretty suprising to me cause i wasn't happy about when it happend until they were gone.

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