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Breast pump question

2 answers
Okay so I'm completely stuck. I'm expecting my daughter to arrive in the beginning of November. Now I am losing my insurance at the end of this month and I will be getting on Medical Assistance. I found out that Medical Assistance gives you a free double breast electrical breast pump. But to get on Med. Assis. takes a while. So I'm expecting to get on it at the end of November. Now should I just rent a used breast pump from the hospital until I get on Med. Assis. or should I buy a brand new one? HELP!?!?!

answers (2)

personally I would just rent one until then.. If you qualify for a free one in just a couple weeks why drop the amount that it costs to get a good electric double pump.. I have a medela one that I swear by but they definitly arent cheap... its up to you but i see it as why spend the money when you qualify for one just a few weeks later.. rent one and spend the money you save on your beautiful new little girl.. congrats and good luck =)
I agree with maddison09. They do cost alot and if you are going to get a good one for free why waste the money? I would definitely save the money and use it to pamper yourself or get something for the baby. Good luck! :)

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