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Breast Pumps.........

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I need help...My husband and I have been to almost every babies r us and target asking for advice on breast pumps. We've received mixed comments all on pumps. At this point we are so confused and im not too sure which pump to go with. All advise is greatly Appreciated! Baby is fast approaching and I would like to be well prepared. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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My husband and I were broker than anything when we were pregnant with our first.  We bought all of our sons furniture used from a yard sale for under 100 bucks - we were blessed, because we had nothing, but still needed a breast pump and were so lost.  We are both pretty thrifty and researched the best hand pumps (the cheapest pumps on the market) that you could get.  It did it's job, not well, it was very frustrating and my milk ended up drying up by 6 or 7 weeks.  Lesson learned, the hand pumps, even the best ones won't get the job done unless you are an uber milk supplier.  My second son we went with the battery operated kind.  It had the little carrying case, great for being at work and on the go, kept the milk refrigerated.  The only down side, there was no regulation to the pressure really.  If you were sensitive on a particular day you could just about cry your eyes out as it pumps.  It did it's job, minutely frustrating, but once again at about 8 or 9 weeks my milk ran dry.  From everything I've heard and everyone I've talked to, even from the beginning - the electric pumps are the way to go if you can afford it.  All the pediatricians, consultants and even parents we have talked to have just about said the same thing, get an electric pump and the Medela ones are the best on the market and the best way to go.  I don't know if we'll be following my own advice, this is the last one we are having, but I wish we had found a way to get it with our first one.
I first started out using a medela electric pump and was highly disappointed.  At first I thought I just didn't have enough milk and then I talked to a lactation consultant and she told me to try the medela hand pump.  I couldn't believe the difference!  When I switched to the hand pump I was pumping 2x the amount that I was from the electric pump.  The hand pump saved me!  Same thing happened to my sister in law she had her son 2 weeks later than me and I tolde her that I had much better luck with the hand pump.  She went out and bought the hand pump as well.  We both breast fed/pumped till our boys were 10 months.  Everyone is different, but I say don't waste your money on the electric and just get the hand pump but make sure its a medela, they're the best brands.  Good luck!
wow!  great advice!  I've never heard that before.  Maybe we can look into that too!  Thanks for offering your experiences.  :)
I tried the medela hand pump at the beginning and I have to say that I was miserable until we got an electric double pump from medela. The hand pump did not get milk out effeciently for me. I became engorged beyond belief and had trouble nursing because it was so painful. I am proud to say however that once we switched to the electric pump I was able to continue nursing until out daughter weaned herself at 14 months due to my being pregnant again and the milk changing. I would recommend the medela pumps to anyone! It was a life saver to me and plan on using it all over again when our little boy gets here in december.. good luck =)
WOW!! Great advice. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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