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Can your milk come in before your baby is born? If so can you go ahead and pump?

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Never heard of that, sorry.  You can always call your local health department, they should have a lactation consult on staff that would be able to answer that question. 
The milk can come in before the baby is born or rather the collistrum (not sure of the spelling) does but you should not start pumping until the baby is born. When I was pregnant with my daughter mine came in when I was five months along and with my pregnancy now (4 1/2 months) I have already had some lactation. Also the let down of milk causes slight contractions of the uterus which helps your body return to it's pre-baby shape after the baby is born.
my friend said that the hospital can rent them to u for like a month at a time.
I breastfed my daughter for almost 14 months and had a manual one at the beginning.. I would definitly recommend getting something at the beginning and not go without I tried not pumping and once the real milk came in instead of just the colostrum then I became engorged and was miserable.. just using the manual pump to relieve some of the milk was extremely helpful.. and if you are able to do it then I would recommend a electric pump for sure.. I have a double pump by medela and love it!! But I understand where you are worried about what if the milk doesnt come in good for you not wanting to waste the money.. just if it works then the electric pump is 100 times easier and faster since you can do both sides and once and be done in a short time.. hope this helps.. and good luck =)
Usually the hospital will give you one and if they dont if you have a wic office near you the give out pumps (sterilized and new) for you to use and thay are the best! They will fit you so that the punp isnt too big or small so there will be no discomfort and you just return it when you are finished. After you have your baby make sure you drink plenty. Colostrum is what your baby will eat for the first three days, but when you are finished feedin your baby pump whatever you can when they are done and your milk will come in and be more then enough and drinking while feeding is good too plus you get really thirsty anyway. Remember it takes 300 calories a day for your body to produce breast milk so take your prenantal and eat when you can cause that baby will keep you busy. A healthy mom is important for a healthy baby.
i plan on breastfeeding also :] I was told that baby's feed more frequently when breast fed than if they were fed formula.But it's prolly best to just offer the breast whenever your baby seems hungry and you will know if he is getting fed enough by how many wet diapers he/she has.
normally every 2 hours when they are newborns, but you just have to check wet diapers too. keep a log, and that will also help you remember what breast you used last. the nurse in the hospital should help you with all of this. i breastfed both of my daughters and it is very time consuming. you will feel as if they are literally attached to you the first 6 months, but it is the best gift you can give your child. i remember thinking i couldn't do it anymore a few times during those first few months, but i never gave up, and before you know if it will be over and they have so much to benefit from it. kudos to you for trying to do the best you can for your baby. :)
Breastfed babies do have to be fed more often, but that is only because breast milk is made for babies and is easily digested where as formula is not.To begin with you will have to feed your baby "on demand" this is to establish your milk supply. I found that by doing this, I learned a lot from my baby and could react to her cues. Then as time goes on you will fall into a pattern.Breastfeeding is wonderful, and you will pick up on it so easily and it will feel like you have done it forever! Breastfeeding is also so good for mom and baby! Good luck!
Check out - great info there.  Also your local La Leche League has meetings for moms where kids are welcome - I found them very helpful and non-judgemental, and it was a great place to practice nursing in public without flashing!  They also helped me figure out the sling, etc.In general, babies will nurse every 1 1/2 - 2 hrs in the beginning, but sometimes more, sometimes less.  My advice? Put away your watch for awhile.  Your baby will start to root and fuss, and that's a sign they're hungry.  I always offered breast first before looking to see if it was anything else and 99% of the time that was it!  You cannot overfeed a breastfed baby (you can overfeed a FF baby) so just let them nurse on demand.  You also don't have to nurse from both breasts each time.A great book that I loved was Dr. Sears' Baby Book.  Also "So That's What They Are For!"  Avoid "What to Expect" - their breastfeeding info is poor at best, wrong in many cases.Good luck!
Well I was 24 when my daughter was born and I breastfed her. When I first got pregnant I was not sure what I wanted to do. But I thought it would be nice to have the bonding and special moment together you have when nursing. It was also free which was a big plus. I nursed for a year with her and I am now nursing my 9 month old son. I would not say I am the biggest fan of nursing but I do not see myself being a good bottle feeder because that is more work. I saw if you want to nurse you need to be a little bit stubborn because it is tough. You think people have been doing this since the beginning of time how hard can it be. Well it is hard and if you do not want to put in some work then it may not work out.  It may not be that hard you baby may latch easy and you may not get sore.  But if you do have issue you have to get help and stick with it. You also have to be comfortable with exposing yourself a little. After I had my daughter so many nurses and laction consultants and doctors tried to get her to latch I am a very private person and more people touched my breast in those 2 days then ever before in my life. I would not go to bottle feeding if I could do it again I would nurse. Even if I had someone to make the bottles for me and wash them. Good luck and just do what feels right for you. You will get milk anyway so you can always try to nurse and if it does not work out then it doesn't that is life. Many of kids have been raised on formula and turned out perfectly fine. Do not let anyone beat you up over your choice. It is yours to make. 


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