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I haven't had much experience breastfeeding with the 3 kids I all ready have. I plan to breastfeed the whole time with this baby though. I was wondering if you should stay away from the things you can't eat while pregnant when you're breastfeeding? Will it cause the baby to be fussy or have colic, gas or anything down that line, if I eat things I know the baby didn't like while I was pregnant?

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I don't know about not eating what the baby didn't like while inside you once it's out.  It's such a different environment in there.  It might be fine with some foods once it's born.  I know that what you injest so the does the baby so foods that make you gassy or upset will probably do the same for the baby.  Start making a list of what you feel makes you upset or gassy now and then compare, you'll know if the baby is upset once it's born and you've eaten it that could be what's causing it.  It should be an interesting note in the baby book too!  :)
Thanks! I 'll definitely keep an eye on things.
I breastfed exclusively for my daughter. She had an issue when I drank much caffeine and would get cranky and jittery in a way. I had never really thought of that before.. but other then that she didnt have trouble with anything else. I was told my the ladies at our wic office that every baby is different and just becuase something affects one baby one time it doesnt mean it will another. I plan on nursing this baby too and am just planning on playing it by ear and keeping track of the things that I have ate and then if he has trouble with something figuring out what it was caused by and not eating or drinking it again.. I hope that this helps you some.. and good luck =)
Like the other moms said, if you have a problem, keep track of what you ate. I know it took me a couple months with my first to figure out she reacted to cappachinos (spelling?) and chocolate. Once I stopped them, she was fine (I was (I breastfed her for 14 months...that was a long time without chocolate!) It can be anything depending on the baby. My neice reacts to tomato sauce and cabbage type foods. I strongly suggest keeping a food journal once baby arrives! And most importantly, watch your booze! If you have a couple drinks, that can affect nursing baby too!

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