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Breastfeeding #2?

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Okay so I'm expecting my second child in July and have a 4 year old son. My son is VERY excited about the baby; talks to the baby through my tummy, kisses and wants to save his special toys and clothes for the baby. He's a very caring child and plays well with others and everything so I couldn't be happier with that. My question (which JUST occurred to me) is how do I manage breastfeeding the baby in front of my son? We're a very open family and he's seen both myself and his father naked in and out of the shower or while changing etc and he's fine with that. I just don't know how to explain to him what the baby is doing and I admit I feel a little weird about having him watch but I don't want to exclude him with ANYTHING. Any advice from Mom's who have been there? Thanks!

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I know exactly how you feel I am expecting my 2nd child and have a 3 year old son, who I am also very open with. In my case I don't plan to try to hide it from my son. I know what you mean by it being akward, but its also natural. If my son asks I plan to try and explain it to him the best way I know how, and that is...This is how your baby brother will eat to grow big and strong like you are, I will try to explain to him that when he was little this is how he ate to become a big boy, I'm hoping this helps him to understand a little better. Hope this helps you a little bit. Thats just the way I am hoping to approach the situation. Good Luck!
That's what I was pretty much leaning towards doing, I still feel funny about, I know he will ask questions but as with everything else I will just have to answer them as best I can and as many times as he asks. Thanks and good luck to you also!
No Problem, very happy I could help!
My in-laws aren't as open with their shildren. When my brother-in-law's girlfriend had his second (her first) child, his son was living with them. They sat the boy (4 at the time) down BEFORE the baby was born and told him that babies can only drink milk - whether formula or from their mommy's boobs (that's the word the boy used for breasts) - and that his sister was going to drink out of Lisa's boobs. When the baby was born, Lisa put the baby in position, tossed a blankie over her, and then exposed her breast to the baby. When Ty was in a different room at feeding time, Lisa would tell him that she was about to feed his sister and not to come in until he got the okay. Hopefully you can use part of this info and discard what you don't need.
I nurse ds in front of dd regularly.  We just told her that he was eating and she concluded that he was recieving a 'booby bottle' and that was that.  She is 4.

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