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Is breastfeeding that difficult?

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I just read a question on here that the mother-to-be was worried about breastfeeding and the pain around it. Is it really that difficult and something to be stressed about? I'm just thinking its something that should come naturally with some consultation from a lactation nurse and with the understanding that it will hurt (just get over it and give the best start that you can for your child). Or am I missing something completely about it? I do not want to worry myself unnecessarily.

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No I probably am actually one of those that commented to the other question as well lol.. breastfeeding was something that you have to get use to my nipples were tender for the first few days. But unlike most everyone that I have read posts from it wasnt painful for me.. I was taught by the lactation consultant at the hospital that it shoudl not hurt if the latch and everything is done properly. I was tender for the first few days and used lansinol cream and it worked wonders. It was something that did take take time for us both to adjust too.. but my 14 month old just was starting to self wean within the past couple of weeks and I am currently 22 weeks and plan on doing it all over again. Dont stress over it you have the right idea, talking with a lactation consultant and that it will be painful to some extent until you nipples get use to it. good luck hun I wish you the best
I can't speak for other women, but my experience was that  breastfeeding was a great experience.  Definately take a class and talk to a lactation consultant.  I has some soreness the first week and a lactation consultant identified right away that my son wasn't latching correctly.  Once that was corrected there was no pain at all, and she told me if you are experiencing pain something is incorrect. The only other discomfort i had was getting used to the let down sensation.  It was by no means painful, just felt a little odd until I got used to it.  I believe it was a great bonding experince and think you should definatley give it a try. If you don't think it's for you, no big deal! 

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