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Breech baby!!

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So my situation is very scary to me!!! I went to the doctors today and my ultra sound measured the baby at 5 and half pounds which is kinda big since I am 33 weeks. I wasn't that shocked because both my other two were born early and my last son was 3 weeks early at 8 pounds 10 oz. So at this point I expect this baby to probably be early as well and big! The problem is he is breech right now and I am very worried about him having time to flip or being able to flip. I really don't want a c-section!!! My doctors won't flip the baby until 38 weeks and for me that could be to late. Has anyone else had a baby still breech at 33 weeks that moved??

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A friend of mine was breech with her 3rd & was using a midwife. Her midwife told her to stand on her head to reverse the baby. I don't remember how often or for how long though. Maybe you can find out more info on this or something else that might work. Hopefully someone can help you! Wish I could remember!!!

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