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that brown line on ur stomach

4 answers
i was just wondering if everyone got that brown line down ur stomach..i haven't and im almost 6 1/2 months..does everyone get it and if so when? just wondering

answers (4)

I'm 39 weeks and I've had a VERY faint line on my tummy for a few months.  You can't even see it unless there is really bright lights and my hubby just noticed this weekend. lol  I didn't get the "pregnancy mask" or any other discolourations, either.Some women get a dark brown line, and some don't.
I never did get the brown line with my first pregnancy and I am just over 35 weeks this time and dont have it either.. I as well never got the pregnancy mask or even had my belly button pop out. I asked my dr about the belly button thing because it was one of those that I thought everyone had happen and she reassured me that every pregnancy is different and just like some women get morning sickness and others really dont its the same with the physical symptoms.. =)
my doctor said its totally normal and they are right every pregnancy is different :)
My baby timer hasn't popped either. lolMy family calls it the "baby timer" because when my youngest sister was a baby, she asked my mom if ladies' belly buttons popped out like a turkey timer when the babies were ready to be born.

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