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C-section advice

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I love the idea of all natural childbirth, that's how my first two were born. But now 36 weeks with my third child the baby was diagnosed with Fetal Macrosomia which is just a fancy way of saying huge. She is already over 7 lbs and growing fast. The doctor said a c-section may be our only option. I really want to successfully breastfeed and heal quickly for my newborn and four and five year old. Any advice or maybe even just some comforting words would be greatly appreciated.

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Even with a c-section you will be able to breastfeed successfully. It may be uncomfortable at first. Healing quickly would be a plus but as long as you and your baby are safe and healthy I'm sure everything will be fine. You could also ask your dr about being induced. Good luck and I hope everything works out for the best.
ask for help from your friends and family you dont need to do it all at first. you'll learn the football hold is a life saver. I had a c-section with my first and I am going to have another in 8 weeks. take advantage of the hospital while you can, stay as long as you can to help yourself heal before going home. good luck :)
I would say go the way you want to with your birth. I wouldn't assume or allow them to just do a c-section, you have every right to say no to it. I would allow myself to attempt labor. Just because your baby is big, does not mean it's undeliverable!If you do have to have the c-section, remember that milk production might be a bit slower and can sometimes take upwards of a week to come in fully. Look into things you can take to help milk production such as Fenugreek, mothers milk tea, etc.
yea u can still boobie feed your baby

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