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C-Section help...

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Okay, so i live 2 hours away from my mom, I'm 19 and I'm terrified of giving birth with out her. I know labor can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. I want my mom with me when i give birth, because shes my mom, so i want to know if i should get a C-section or just try naturally? Also, could my risk of having an emergency C-section be higher because i was an emergency, I was blue when i was born, the cord was wrapped around my neck several times cutting of oxygen. I could just be paranoid, any advise would be good. Thanks.. Kaitlyn.

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I am 19 as well and want my mom to be there when i give birth. I live in alaska and she lives in ny. But hopefully by the time it gets close to my due date my husband and i should be stationed in south carolina. I am thinking i am just going to go with the flow of things and if i can have the baby naturally i will have it naturally just because it is hard to find a doctor that will let you have the baby naturally after a c section. The decision is totally up to what you feel comfortable doing and i was also born an emergency as well as my two sisters. But my oldest sister has had two kids and they were born naturally so i think that you should be ok, every pregnancy is different and i dont think that you being an emergency should affect your pregnancy. Hope i helped somewhat :) Congratulations and Good Luck :)
I highly recomend you watch the movie "the Bussiness of Being Born".Its a documentary about labor, and why a natural birth is the best choice.if a C-section NEEDS to happen, then it needs to happen. BUT it shouldnt just be schedualed because its a major shouldnt be an option just to make life for you being an emergency when you were born, I was too,and my doctor told me that there is no risk because of that. so you dont need to worry :)and for you wanting your mom there, the best I can do, is suggest that you ask your mom to come stay with you for a few weeks around your due date if its possible.that way she will be close by when you need her the most. (plus its nice to have that extra help when you're home from the hospital!)
Also I forgot to mention, the the risk of having to have a C-section goes up when they Induce be very careful of what you're doctors try to tell you... (this is all in the documentray)
The only problem with her comming and staying here is that she has a 1yr old daughter. So, if she didn't have her she'd be here for a few days after the baby is born but i doubt it now. Thanks for the advise, i do want to have a natural birth, just scared..Thanks :)
Im scared too. (im due next month,first child). but I just keep telling myself,that my body was made for this moment..and whether I believe it or not, my body knows how to give birth already,and It is prepared for the pain. it's just our minds that tell us differently. (dont get me wrong,I'm leaving the option for pain killers open just in case,but what I said above,is the mind set I'm trying really hard to get into!)good luck!
I would just recommend that you go with the flow and try the natural.. you never know how long you will be in labor your mom could possibly have time to make it and still be with you if you went natural.. first births take longer then those after them.. My first labor lasted 21 hours.. and I was induced and didnt have any issues with complications having to end up with a c section.. I think it all depends on what you want.. there are stories on everything and both sides to every theroy.. good luck =D
You can ask that you be induced.  This way you still "go naturally" but you'll know when.  You can request a week or so before your due date if you aren't ready to give birth that you be induced.  Tell them you want your mom there and a week early shouldn't have any effect on the baby.  Avoid having a c section if at all possible.  I scheduled my first born to be induced so my in laws could be there.  I was only scheduled to go a week earlier than my due date, so it was fine.  I actually had him 4 days earlier than my scheduled induction because I was starting to dilate and our family was already there.  And just because you get induced doesn't mean you can't have pain meds or the epidural.  I had both with my first.  My labor was only 7 hours from start to finish.  With my second I had no drugs at all and the labor was only 2 hours and 45 mintues from start to finish.  I'm scheduling this one because I will not have a fast labor and be in that much pain again if I can avoid it.  It sounds petty to say it like that, but I want to enjoy my childs birth and be able to hold him after; I couldn't do either with my second son.  Do your research and talk openly to your doctors!!  Let them know your concerns and see if you can come up with a game plan!  good luck  :)
i read if you have a c-section it can be worst then having it vaginal.But im not tryinh to scare you.
By the way i am 18 but i will be 19 when i deliever my first child which is a girl.But me being young i choose not to have her naturally i believe that would be too much pain for me to bare...WISH YOU MUST LUCK!!!!!

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