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C section, natural, or water birth?

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Please share your experiences I would like to know the pros and cons :))). Thankyou and goodluck to everyone on a safe healthy pregnancy and recovery!!

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I had a vaginal birth with our daughter.. I tried to do it without any pain meds but due to a previous back injury the back labor was more then I can bare and did the epidural.. Applauds to any mom who does it without meds lol.. It was nice and we are planning on doing things exactly the same way with out little boy in december.. It was nice to be able to hold the baby right away and be able to start nursing and bonding as well as having family in the room. I debated on the csection for this one just becuase I am due not long before christmas and wanted to be sure to be home for the holiday with our then 18 month old but after comparing all of the pros and cons with their being a weight limit on what you can lift after a c section and the fact that we have stairs in our home that would be hard to navigate while healing we are sticking to the natural birth which I would recommend to anyone.. good luck sweetie
i had a vaginal birth with my daughter nicole i got the epidural it was a life saver i dont know how some women can stand to not get the epidural the labor and delievery went very smootly so i recomend the epidural if your gonna have a vaginal birth i was really nervous because i heard about all the things that could happen while giving birth but it didnt happen to me and hopefully yours will go smooth to good luck
Epidural all the way!!!  2 vaginal births, one with and one without an epidural.  I did NOT like the way I felt right after having my 8lb son without the epidural.  I was shaking so bad and it hurt so terribly bad that I couldn't hold him.  It was not a memorable birth at all, at least not one I care to remember.  I plan to be enduced at least a week early AND have an epidural.  I can't find a hospital that participates in water births, I had one born in TX, one in NC and now our 3rd will be in SC.  I'm really not sure after giving birth twice that I want to do it in water anyway.  My sil had 2 c-sections and on her second her incision became infected and tore open - she couldn't move well for 4 weeks, but said she would do it again in a heartbeat.  Not me, I prefer to have the vaginal births, it just seemed more natural to me - but if it came down to emergency situation I wouldn't fight one.  :)  good luck!
I have had 3 births all vaginal. The first I was very young(16) and did it completely without meds. It didn't go well because I had a dr and nurses who wouldn't listen to me. The next 2 I had the epidural with. It was very pleasant, I slept until time to deliver and had no pain. The down side was I couldn't stay awake after I had them to hold or feed them. All I wanted was to sleep. So this time around I plan on doing it completely naturally. No drugs so I can bond with my baby and not feel drugged out of my mind. I have always been interested in water birth I think it would be an awesome way to give birth especially if you are think of doing it without pain meds. Water helps relieve the pain some what. I all ready enjoy soaking in the tub when my back hurts. I hope you choose the delivery that best fits you and what you want from your birth. Good luck sweetie! :)
I had minimal IV meds with my first and it was a normal delivery, unfortunately there were some complications and if i had my regular Dr. when i had my first she would have said emergency c-section like she did with my second baby since that started to go down the same as my first. I was in alot of pain after my first for a few min, like someone said above i couldnt hold my 1st baby right away due to the pain in my abdomen from the nurse pushing on my belly to help get him out, he was that stuck unfortunately. As for my second the c-section was a little scary when it wasnt planned or expected, so the fear of surgery was there especially when my family had all told me that no one wanted to go in with me for it. so i was scared out of my wits. but it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought. and as long as you know your body and you have help when you get home the restrictions really arent that bad at all. your told to only hold things as heavy as your baby and in my opinion if you have help milk it for all its worth while you can. the only down fall i had after healing was my cycle going back to normal, i dont know if its common or not since i didn't really want to ask at the time but my cycle was so painful for the first year i felt like i needed to be hospitalized. But never got help for it. but that has subsided and now i'm expecting #3 and with the complications of my first 2 we are planning a c-section, and i'm not as nervous this time and kind of glad to be able to pick the date and make arrangements for my kids while i'm in the hospital. But personally i recommend a normal delivery if its possibly in my case its not, don't put yourself though a serious surgery unless its the only way you can go due to the risks. Its memorable to go the normal route and you dont want to wonder what your missing out on in the end. cause there are those memorable things that are a different from a normal delivery from a c-section. and its worth the experience to deliver normally first. 
Natural birth with midwives are a great way to go! I used midwives and a birth center with my first baby, I'm due any day now and I plan on going that route again. Midwives see birth as something that happens every day and is just a part of what a woman's body is capable of. I'm not against doctors as there are some really awesome doctores out there who sincerely care about the women they serve. However they're trained to see birth as a medical emergency waiting to happen and their constricted by hospitals, not to mention the insurance companies.  Sure labor's hard, but it's well worth it. I don't look down on women who need a C-section. C-sections can be life saving but they also come with a whole string of potential side affects for both you and your baby. It stinks for mom's and babies that the C-section option is made out to be some kind of a minor surgery. It's a major surgery! I know a lot of women also go for an epidural from the start... but go as long as you can without it. It's better for your baby and for you. In all honesty it doesn't get worse after 8cm. (This coming from someone who labored for 30 hours). I just really wish more women would educate themselves on all the options and side affects of their choices for the birth of their babies. Just because it's standard practice doesn't mean it's the best practice.

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