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c section or natural birth?

4 answers
Do I get to pick if I want to have natural birth or c section for my baby?

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There are more options than just c-section or natural.You have every right to choose what type of birth you want, but just because you decide and plan on it, doesn't mean you'll get that exact birth. You might plan for a natural birth and need medication, or you might have to have an emergency c-section.In my personal opinion, c-section is not a viable birth plan/option unless you are having more than 2 babies or have some other medically necessary reason to have one. It's surgery, not an every day birthing option for low risk single births.
I had my son in march of this year and I wasn't sure exactly what kind of birth i wanted. I wanted to try all natural but keep my options open for epidural and/or c-section if necessary. Ended up my son's head was too big for my birth canal and i pushed for 5 1/2 hours and had a c-section. it really wasn't that bad. they get a bad rep because its not the 'natural' way, but there are some really good things about having a c-section. no chance of tearing down there or the pain of pushing a baby through your vagina! and no stretching out of your vagina! the only somewhat bad thing is not being able to do a lot afterwards for like 6 weeks. but it goes by really fast and you get a lot of help from everyone! but i wouldn't choose to have a c-section, only if its necessary for a safer birth.
My personal choice is all natural, which after talking to my OB/GYN, was his preferred method but in the situation that warrants it, he will order a c-section.  Its your choice, you will not be less of a woman to have an epidural or c-section.  things happen, be prepared for the worst, best, and everything inbetween.
no they just do a c section if you cant have a natural birth

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