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Can anyone suggest a prenatal pill that doesn't taste nasty? I can't swallow pills; so, I dissolve them in applesauce. It's making me sick.

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Or if you have any other suggestions about things I can do to still get the correct amount of folic acid.

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My prenatal vitamins were making me sick. My midwife suggested 2 flinstone gummy vitamins per day.
I also can't swallow pills. I was told 2 chewable Flintstone vitamins. I get the ones with extra iron.
She's got it right... 2 Flintstone vitamins and you're good to go!  I was told the same thing by my OB for my first prenancy, and again with my current OB for this pregnancy. 
so it is better if you take 2 flinstone vitamins a day
Thanks, Ladies!!! I purchased some today and I feel relieved to be able to still get the folic acid I need without feeling sick.
I can't swallow pills either so you're not alone.  They are right about the flinstone vitamins.  They even make gummy vitamins that are the same.  During my pregnancy I told my ob that I could not swallow pills and he was able to give me actual chewables that were perscribed just in case you still don't feel like the flinstone vitamins are good enough for you.
Another thing that I forgot to mention is that you can get folic acid from simply eating certain foods
I take the adult vitacraves...ya know the silly commercial with grown ups acting like they are a wonderful help!
The Prenatal vitamans really does taste nasty. It makes me want to gag. So I have to take the one's with the capsule. They have prenantal softgel with DHA so far I cant complain.
the prenatals made me very ill, too.  The doctor recommended I take 2 Flintstone vitamins a day :)  Just double check with your doc first.


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