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Can anyone think of a middle name (one syllable) that goes with Landon

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My first son is Skylar Tate and this next boy will be Landon... can't think of a middle name to go with it. I want it to be one syllable though. Any suggestions would be great!

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Just off the top of my head...Kade, Wade, Lane, Jace, Clay, Blake, Chase.You can do a search on for 1 syllable names. Hope that helps!
This is one of my new favorite sites.  Plug in the first name you want to use and your last name and it will give you middle names that sound good with them.  It can choose name choices with only using your last name too.  it's pretty fun.  :)
James =)
I was going to say James as well. Also I like Zane.
John, Mark, Lee, Nick, Paul, Ray, Sam, Rick, Tim, Tom, Vic, Will, and Zack. I hope these help. :) I love the name Landon! Good choice.
if i was going to have a boy we were ognna name him landen michael, not one syllable but sounds good
cole, eli,
Landon James is cute:)) also, Landon Blaine, Landon Cale, Landon Eli, Landon Leon, Landon Reed, Landon Trace, Landon Zane.
im having a girl and i really love landon for her landon is a great name

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