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can babies sense when their mother is expecting again?

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I've heard that they can.  I've had a couple of friends who have swore their other children knew.  Mine didn't, but they are 5 and 3, so that may be why.  How old is your baby now?
This probably wouldnt help much but i have an 8 month old baby and now am 12 weeks, i dont know if this is just a change in age as far as him throwing tantrums but ive noticed lately he throws more tantrums and my mother seems to think its because i am pregnant and although they dont know better he is showing he feels that im having another little joy coming and it may be jealousy he's showing.
I would think they could. They can sense all kinds of emotions just by being in the room with you. I think it's because of the bond they have with you, so why wouldn't they know when such extreme changes are happening in your body?
Pretty sure they can. I have a 9 1/2 month old son and I'm 26 weeks pregnant with our second. Since I got pregnant again he's changed his behavior some and is more cuddly. Sometimes he will even cuddle with just my belly so I think that he knows.
I think they do know we already told my 3 yr old daughter but we didn't know if she could comprehend because she has developmental delays but in a way I think she does.  She's never been a mommy's girl she's always been so attatched to daddy  but now all of a sudden she's become really clingy to me and she constantly wants me to stop what I'm doing to hold her.  She also tells people when they ask her where the baby is that it's in her belly or she'll try to pick up my shirt.  I think it's all so cute but I also love the way that it's getting us to bond and her new fascination with babies.
I don't know about all babies, but I have a 7 year old son who's been acting differently towards me even before I found out I was pregnant. He wants extra attention, he' s starting to get really emotional and cranky. He asking questions about another baby. I haven't talked to him yet about the new baby. I'm waiting for the right time, but it seems like he already knows.
yeah when i was pregnant my 1 year old niece acted really differant towards me she got really clingy to me and wanted me to hold her and play with her the whole time i was there
my daughter who is 7 told me the other day that we needed to get a bigger car because we were going to have a baby soon. It was 3 days before we found out for sure and we never said a word to her about it.
When my mom had her last baby I was over there alot helping her out and when he was laying with me on the couch he would lay on my belly and look up at me and smile then lay back down (this was when he was only 1-3 weeks old) a few weeks after that I found out I was a month along!


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