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can babies sense when their mother is expecting again?

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I was over there alot helping her out and when he was laying with me on the couch he would lay on my belly and look up at me and smile then lay back down (this was when he was only 1-3 weeks old) a few weeks after that I found out I was a month along! what does bubblegum casting do
, i dont know if this is just a change in age as far as him throwing tantrums but ive noticed lately he throws more tantrums and my mother seems to think its because i am pregnant and although they dont know better he is showing he feels that im having another little joy coming and it may be jealousy he's showing. what does bubblegum casting do
,they say when iits gunna be a boy and u have a little gurl that they get jealous but iif its da other way around when u have a boy and u have a baby boy they get cuddly wiith u..
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