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can caughing affect my baby?

3 answers
i have resently started cughing hard i dont know if due to allergies or something else, it does not seem to go away, can it affect my baby am only on my 1st trimester, am getting worried, please help.

answers (3)

i dont think it shud...i know when i cough i sort of bend over to do it cuz if i dont it hurts a bit but take it easy..good luck
It shouldn't hurt anything, though you should have your doc check you out if you're coughing like crazy, because whooping cough is dangerous to new babies, so I'd imagine it wouldn't be good for teeny ones either.  I do know that when I cough hard (I'm at 19 weeks and my whole family was sick this past week) it makes my uterine ligaments/etc feel weird - uncomfortable - so I've been trying not to very much.  Just listen to your body :)
Coughing shouldn't affect your baby. The amniotic fluid is there for a reason and that's to protect your baby. If you're really concerned about it talk to your dr.

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