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Can i b hurtn ma baby??!??

2 answers
Ok, im 23 weeks now.. n im stl sleepn on ma tummy. I dont feel pain wen im layn nor wen i get up, it jus da best position 4 me, i do lay on ma side wit da body pillow ta try not ta lay on ma belly but dat havent been 2 comfortable n e more, it ends up on da floor by mornin! Da only other way i can sleep thru da nite n b well restd is on ma bak! But 4 sum reason at times dat gives me headaces, plus i heard dat sleepn on ur bak wasnt good either!!! So im bak on ma belly da nxt nite!!! Jus need a lil advise!! Sleepn on tummy... Bad or not?!? Hlp!

answers (2)

It is bad to sleep on your stomach and your back. The only good position is on your side. Good luck! :)
It is bad to sleep on either your back or stomach.. try your best to fall asleep on one of your sides however if you do find that you wake up on your stomach or back dont worry to much about it just try to roll onto one of your sides before going back to sleep.. before long your belly will be big enough that you wont be able to get comfortable to sleep on your stomach anyways so might as well start working on trying to get comfy on your sides now ... good luck =)

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