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can i be pregnant?

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so my period came for september and it was very regular but in october it was very irregular i spotted and it was light and the same thing happened for november when my period came on i took 4 pergnancy testes and they all say negative. what do you suggest's i do ?

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I suggjest you go to your dr and have a blood test to see if your are or not goodluck!:)
I agree with sandra.. if your periods are just spotting then I would make an app with my dr and see what was going on even if you arent pregnant then something else could be causing your irregular periods.. good luck hope you get the answer that you are wanting =)
Honestly, I had the same thing happen. My period was regular in July and August. September I had a light irregluar period. Test was negative but in October I missed my period and test was positive. I am 4 months pregnant. I know not everyone is the same but the Dr can surely help in the investigation! Won't hurt to see him or her..
It's enitrely possible.  My mother-in-law had one son September 11 and the next year had another son on September 2.
it is deff possible, after you have a baby, you are very very fertile , so you must be very careful!
Possibly, but it could be more likely that your cycle is just a little off. That can happen for a number of different reasons. If you're really concerned you can take a home pregnancy test.

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