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Can i be pregnant if i had sex the day before my period?! HELP PLEASE!

2 answers
Hi, i have an irregular cycle and i hadn't had a period since march until last friday, 10/8/10. i had intercourse the day before, and my period stopped on day 5. I've heard it takes like 10 days for your body to know its pregnant. Could that be why i still got my period the day after? I believe i am one of those people who might ovulate on their periods, because not to gross anyone out but i've noticed the clear mucus during the beginning of my period. is there a chance i could be pregnant? i'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it sure beats being discouraged!(:

answers (2)

its possible but i know that u ovulate 14 days after the fist day of ur period..everybody a little different though..
thank you(: i'm starting to feel hopeful because i am already feeling more tired then usual and thats a sign i felt with both previous pregnancies, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

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