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can I dye my hair while pregnant

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I'm almost three months pregnant and I want to know if dying my hair is safe for the baby?

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I wouldn't recommed it, They arn't really sure, alot of places say just to wait. I wouldn't want to hurt my baby even by the slightest thing, I don't see the harm in waiting 6 months. :)
Didn't you ask if you could highlight your hair already?Anyway, it's suggested you wait until after you have had your baby, because of the unknown dangers of the chemical treament.  And your hormones are going bonkers and the colour won't necessarily hold or come out the way it's supposed to.
Having a professional highlight your hair is perfectly safe, as they can ensure the colour doesn't contact your scalp (that is straight from my hubby's cousin, who owns a professional salon, and is very concious about health concerns). They are now say that full head dying is safe, because it doesn't get into your blood. That report just came out though, and I haven't heard any feedback on it. It would stick to highlights, but if you have to do it, spend the money on a good professional!
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that dying your hair during pregnancy is safe.  I just got mine highlighted a couple of weeks ago and I am only 14 weeks.  I would recommend going to a professional though, since they can keep as much product as possible off of your scalp.  You can get more information here:
I am a liscenced cosmetologist. I will tell you just because your pregnant does not mean you can not keep up with yourself. To make you feel safer, just keep a good draft of air flow, and do not do it in a small cramped space where inhaling the fumes are a definent. So yes, go get your hair did!!

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